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About Us

From our family to yours

It’s all about gathering with loved ones! We started serving our cheese boards and petit bites at our own gatherings. We loved to see the smile on our guests’ faces as they were enjoying every bite, so we decided to work hard to put that beautiful smile on everyone’s face by opening up a small service business. Our family members turned into business team members and our ideas turned into our elegant boxes! 

Combining our love for gatherings, passion for creation, and supportive teamwork, CheeseMeez was born!

We believe, our products are a treat for customers and for nature! As a result, we are committed to using 100% recycled giant boxes, kraft gift boxes as well as recyclable cutlery and bowls. We also use natural dried flowers and kraft gift wrapping materials. So, once all snacks are gone, you may re-use or recycle the whole packaging. Please note, all of the flowers used in the box are freshly taken from the pot and they are only for display/edible purposes. As a result, please avoid eating the flowers. 

Our goal is to make your party a beautiful nature-friendly showcase where you can share it proudly with everyone around you and on social media! 

From providing gifts for birthdays, special occasions, holidays, engagements to corporate functions events, baby showers, family gatherings, and engagement parties; our promise is to provide a luxury, creative, fun, and eco-friendly service! 

Your purchase makes us the happiest, so we work hard to make you happy! 


Yasmina Abd 

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